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ХАМТДАА Recognition Awards Bi-annual Ceremony

Khanbogd, Umnugobi,

Today we celebrated our workforce at the “Khamtdaa” Recognition Awards Bi-Annual ceremony at Oyu Tolgoi. The awards recognize great efforts and achievements of our workforce that went beyond our tasks and roles, to help deliver real progress against our key priorities, as well as to achieve our mission: ‘Together deliver a safe and globally competitive copper business that contributes to the prosperity of Mongolia’. A big congratulation to nominees and the winners and to the entire OT family – none of this is possible without all of us – Khamtdaa!

In “Safety” category, the winners are Concentrator Maintenance, Utilities, Mine Maintenance and HSES working group won with their Manual Handling Risk Reduction research project initiative. Winners are: S.Altangerel, G.Baatarsukh, B.Temuujin and E.Zoljargal
-A task based assessment that is aimed at identifying manual handling tasks that could potentially contribute to injuries or musculoskeletal illnesses. The key to the assessment is engaging with the workforce with knowledge and experience relating to the task and developing solutions to ideally eliminate or reduce the risks as low as reasonably practical. Since the start of the program over 40 assessments have been completed resulting in over 180 actions being implemented.

In “People” category, People & Organization department won with their Employee Health & Accident Insurance Implementation project initiative. Winners are: L.Munkh-Orgil, Sh.Enkhtuya, Kh.Bat-Undrakh
-The health and accident insurance represents an example of how the company and employees can deliver win-win outcomes using our “reasonable and mutually beneficial outcomes” approach to employee relations. This team was given the challenge to deliver an insurance package without adding new costs to the business. Now our workforce has access to a wide range of health related benefits that can also be accessed by their families for a discounted price.

In “Cash” category, Business Transformation, IT – Operational Technology and IT Zone team won with their Development of a web based Business Transformation portfolio management system [DRIVE] project initiative. Winners are: B.Bayasal, G.Gandeleg
-DRIVE (version1) introduces a web based platform containing a "single source of the truth" with respect to Cash Delivery for the business where end users and leaders have "live" access. The development of DRIVE (version1) was completed within 6 weeks and enables all user to upload, manage and govern initiatives.

In “Partnership" category, Communities, Environment, HR and Procurement working groups won with their Tripartite Council (TPC) operationalization and CAO Complaint resolution process project. Winners are: D.Amartuvshin, O.Tserennadmid, L.Ariunchimeg, L.Munkh-Orgil, N.Erdenebayar, S.Dorjderem.
-CAO Complaint resolution process has been taken 4 year efforts from all parties - Herders, OT and CAO Mediation since herders lodged their complaint in 2012. Over the period, the negotiation process were intense and series of engagements and assessments were conducted. In May 2017, CAO Complaint resolution shifted to monitoring stage as parties at TPC agreed on actions to address complaint closure.

In “Growth” category, UG geosciences technical working group and Major drilling working group won with their Seismic Drilling Programme project initiatives. Winner are: P.Unubold, T.Nemekhsukhbold, D.Munkhzul and A.Elbegsaikhan.
-Seismic drilling programme is critical to the success of block caving. By continually monitoring the production process, mining team will be able to maintain safe and efficient operations. This programme is unique within Mongolia and is pioneering technology. The award recipients have demonstrated great commitment and capability towards reaching this outcome.

In “One Oyu Tolgoi” category, UG HR & Training team won for Khamtdaa-One Oyu Tolgoi Culture project initiatives:. Winners are D.Erdenechimeg and Brian Finlay.

-An outstanding Culture By Design programme (Khamtdaa) was launched at the end of 2016. With over 450 leaders and over 1800 Frontline employees attending Khamtdaa programme, Khamtdaa has become a foundation for project success. The programme is widely recognized within OT and RT and has become the standard by which all future culture by design programmes will be measured.

About Oyu Tolgoi LLC (

Oyu Tolgoi LLC, Mongolia's largest copper and gold mining company, is a strategic partnership between the Government of Mongolia, Turquoise Hill Resources and Rio Tinto. Located in the South Gobi, Oyu Tolgoi commenced shipment of product to customers in July 2013. Oyu Tolgoi is managed by Rio Tinto, which is investing global expertise and cutting-edge technology to help develop Mongolia’s mining industry and ensure Oyu Tolgoi is one of the world’s most advanced mines. For Oyu Tolgoi, nothing matters more than safety. The business operates under the principle that if a job cannot be done safely, it will not be done at all.

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