Ariunbold Myagmarkhuu: "Rio Tinto Delivery Centre proves Mongolian talent"

Interview with Mr. Ariunbold Myagmarkhuu, Manager of the Rio Tinto Mongolia Delivery Centre.

Can you please tell us about the Mongolia Delivery Centre? When was it established, and what will the company do?

The Mongolia Delivery Centre (MDC) is the Mongolian branch office of Rio Tinto's Information Systems and Technology (IS&T) team. Rio Tinto operates in many countries worldwide. Although the group employs a multinational workforce, as far as IT is concerned, having group-wide standards is important. While this brings many advantages, it also raises numerous challenges.

At Rio Tinto, IT services are delivered from centralised teams in order to implement common standards. These centres are usually located close to the company's large mining operations. In 2011, the Rio Tinto's IST team made a decision to carry out SAP data Reporting and Analytics and project services (IT Infrastructure) such as planning and installations from the Delivery Centre. Previously, these tasks were all done by teams in Perth and Brisbane. The Mongolia Delivery Centre started preparing for its launch in October, 2012 when Oyu Tolgoi agreed to help Rio Tinto establish the centre in Mongolia. Now, these preparations are complete and we are ready to start recruitment for the new team.

Can you give a detailed explanation of what your operations will be?

The MDC will provide two main services for Rio Tinto. The first is reporting and analytics. Reports, requested by users, will be prepared and provided for them from a huge database of SAP software. Analysis will be done to decide on the types of data to be provided to suit the user.

The second area is project services or IT Infrastructure. This finds optimal IT solutions for new offices. The best office IT solutions vary depending on the number of occupants and type of work that will be performed. For example, installations, modifications to network equipment, storage, and server requirements vary depending on the number of occupants.

Why did Rio Tinto choose our country to establish this company?

Yes. The MDC was established with Rio Tinto investment and the team will work for Rio Tinto. Oyu Tolgoi is known around the world and is using advanced technology and equipment. Rio Tinto decided to establish the MDC in Mongolia because the professionals from the Oyu Tolgoi IT team had proved their ability to use such advanced technology. The centre is being established near Oyu Tolgoi. This is in line with Rio Tinto's practice of locating the centres near to its large mines. The team won't work at Oyu Tolgoi, but will work closely with the Oyu Tolgoi IT team.

Are you choosing your employees from Mongolia? What will be the criteria for selection?

Our team will be 100 per cent Mongolian. Mongolians studying or working in other countries can become part of the team. However, as our workplace is here in UB, they will need to live here. Our main selection criteria are; Mongolian citizenship, a good knowledge of English, safety skills, initiative, and a bachelor's or master's degree in IT. In particular, a software engineering qualification is needed for our Reporting and Analytics team members, and a computer networking or computer engineering qualification is needed for our Project Services team members. The most important thing is to have passion and a desire to develop the solutions we need.

Will you train your employees?

Members of the team will be highly trained from the first day of operation. Initially, team members will receive two to three months of training in India at a training centre run by Infosys, a partner of Rio Tinto. Regular ongoing training will also be provided at Rio Tinto centres in Perth and Brisbane. In addition to professional training, our employees will also have access to all of Rio Tinto's other training, in areas like safety. We'll have a very strong focus on safety as part of our work.

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