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Bayan-Ovoo soum's newly built hospital grand opening, financed by Oyu Tolgoi

Umnugobi, Mongolia,

Earlier this year Gobi Oyu Development Support Fund, financed by Oyu Tolgoi LLC and managed in partnership with the local community, commissioned two kindergartens as its first projects in Dalanzadgad, South Gobi.

We are delighted to announce another big step forward on this journey with the opening of a newly built hospital in Bayan-Ovoo soum, financed by the Gobi Oyu Development Support Fund. The project was approved in April this year, construction began in June and was completed in October, and the State Commission accepted the hospital building on 18 October.

The hospital is two-story building with 10 beds complete with garage and other amenities. The hospital employs 18 staff, including doctors and nurses, and is equipped with a surgery, birthing room, and other medical checkup rooms.

The opening ceremony was attended by South Gobi aimag Governor N. Naranbaatar, South Gobi aimag deputy governor Kh. Batbold, Head of Governor’ office social policy department U. Enkhtsatsral, head of South Gobi Health department Ch. Bayarjargal, Bayan-Ovoo soum governor O. Mandakhbayar, Bayan-Ovoo soum’s head of the Citizens’ Representatives’ Committee Ts. Enkh-Amgalan, Oyu Tolgoi LLC’s acting CEO Stephen Jones and General Manager, Communities Sh. Baigalmaa, other senior dignitaries from the South Gobi aimag and citizens of the Bayan-Ovoo soum.

During the opening ceremony, South Gobi aimag Governor N. Naranbaatar said: “On behalf of the South Gobi aimag and the citizens of the Bayan-Ovoo soum, we are thankful to the Oyu Tolgoi team for close collaboration and cooperation and in funding this newly built hospital building”.

Head of South Gobi Health department Ch. Bayarjargal: “Bayan-Ovoo soum has more than 1,700 residents now. We are very pleased with the new hospital building that has 10 rooms and 400 square metres, connected to central water pipelines and system, the hospital has surgery, birthing, medical rooms that are up to the latest medical standards”.


  • The Gobi Oyu Development Support Fund was established as part of the Cooperation Agreement between OT and its partner communities in April 2015. The construction of the hospital was carried out by Suvargan Gobi LLC of Umnugobi.
  • The construction of the hospital was carried out by Suvargan Gobi LLC of Umnugobi.

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