Board of Directors

Dr. Altannar Chinchuluun

Member of the Board of Directors

Dr. Altannar was appointed as a member of the Oyu Tolgoi LLC’s Board of Directors in September 2016. He serves as Associate Professor of Business School at the National University of Mongolia. Previously, he worked as an adjunct assistant professor at the University of Florida in the United States, research associate in the Imperial College of London in the UK, senior business analyst at Oyu Tolgoi, and managing director of the German-Mongolian Institute for Resources and Technology. Graduate of the National University of Mongolia with bachelor degree in mathematics in 2002 and finance from the Mongolian University of Science and Technology, Dr. Altannar obtained his M.Sc. degree in Operations Research from the University of Florida in 2005 followed by Ph.D. in 2007. Dr. Altannar has published a number of peer-reviewed research articles in mathematics and computational finance in international journals and books.