We provide a work
environment that allows
employees to realise
their full potential

People and Employment

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Oyu Tolgoi offers exciting job opportunities at one of the largest and highest grade copper-gold mines in the world.

We ensure fair and transparent recruitment practices where all applicants are provided with equal opportunities. We invest in the education and training of a strong Mongolian skill base for the future. We aim to achieve a workforce made up of at least a 90 per cent Mongolian nationals throughout the operational life of our mine.

Employment policies

We strive to provide a work environment that allows our employees to realise their full potential. Read more about our employment policies and our recruitment process.

Be aware of false recruitment offers

We would like to confirm that we do not employ or work with any mediating individuals to recruit our future workforce and warn applicants not to trust them. Read more about potential false recruitment offers.

Our employees

Meet our people, learn about the jobs they do and what it is like to work at Oyu Tolgoi.

Oyu Tolgoi jobs

Achieving our business goals means we need a strong team of employees that are as motivated as we are. We are always seeking talented people. View our current job opportunities.

Developing our people

We believe in giving people the chance to develop their skills and capabilities. We invest in education and training all across Mongolia and offer unique benefits to Mongolians and students seeking internships.