Mongolian aviation entrepreneur ACH SVS LLC awarded supplier of the month

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Mongolian aviation entrepreneur ACH SVS LLC awarded supplier of the month

ACH SVS LLC leads the way in the Mongolian aviation industry

ACH SVS LLC has worked with Oyu Tolgoi since 2004 providing unique and specialised aviation services to meet Oyu Tolgoi’s expanding infrastructure and needs.

ACH SVS LLC are leading Mongolian suppliers of aviation-related business activities, such as the:

  • design and construction of new airports
  • renovation and rehabilitation of used airports
  • procurement and installation of air navigation and other specialised equipment

Bringing a long term outlook to their business

This growing supplier partner delivers a unique ‘long term’ perspective to their service offering by looking at the greatest economic benefit derived from the life-cycle of their products. This often means offering the latest technological innovations and combining their own expert knowledge with that of their customer.

This collaboration with their customers has seen their employees significantly expand their knowledge and experience in the design and construction of new airport projects.

ACH SVS LLC are able to perform to the level of leading foreign service providers

Through the evolution over the years ACH SVS LLC is now in a strong position to be able to provide technically sophisticated aviation projects and services that would have previously been sourced from foreign companies operating in Mongolia.

In 2011 the company celebrated a major milestone and achievement. They were awarded their first Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contract by SGS LLC to overhaul the maintenance of the Ovoot airport aerodrome.

ACH SVS LLC is recognised as Oyu Tolgoi’s supplier of the month

Each month Oyu Tolgoi recognises our best supplier partners who demonstrate excellence in the products and services that they deliver. In April 2012 ACH SVS LLC was recognised for the high quality of services they provide.