Education and Training

Gobi Scholarship Programme

Oyu Tolgoi launched in 2005 the Gobi scholarship program in Umnugobi province, which was designed around the local workforce needs. The aim of this scholarship is creating the conditions for students to return back home to work in their communities after their graduation by assisting the province’s human resource development policies through offering scholarships to capable students to study the professions most needed in the region.

The scholarship covers the full cost of tuition fees during the entire study period if the student maintains the minimum GPA of 3.2 or higher, in return the student has an obligation to return back home and work in his/her native province. The Gobi scholarship programe is run in partnership with the aimag Governor's office and the management team comprised of representatives of civil society organizations. Oyu Tolgoi LLC, in cooperation with the province Governor’s Office, annually updates the list of professions needed in the region. A total of 272 students from Umnugovi aimag have benefited from the scholarship program since the beginning of the program.

The Gobi scholarship program is announced each year in the end of August.