Happy International Children’s Day!

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia,

Oyu Tolgoi employees' OTAMIN club has organized a drawing competition to celebrate upcoming Children’s Day. Theme of the drawing competition was “My dad, mom ... at Oyu Tolgoi” and the participants were children (aged from 3 to 12) of Oyu Tolgoi and contractor employees based at OT site, Ulaanbaatar and other offices. Our little princes and princesses have submitted their artworks and the exhibition of the collections is being held today at Oyu Tolgoi mine site. Independent juries have reviewed the artworks rating creativity, originality and named the winners. Four winners from each three age group received voucher-saving books and gifts. We congratulate all the little artists for their talent. Happy Children’s day!

1. Age group: 3 – 5

SHINE-ERDENE Altankhuyag– 1st prize winner

URIN Unagankhuu -2nd prize winner

MUNKHBADRAKH Enkhbagana -3rd prize winner

ANAND Munkhbat – 4th prize winner

2. Age group: 6 - 8

GANMARAL Ulzii-Uchral - 1st prize winner

ZOLZAYA Altangerel – 2nd prize winner

JIGDENJALBUU Zul-Erdene – 3rd prize winner

BADMAARAG Purevdorj – 4th prize winner

3. Age group: 9 - 12

GAN-UCHRAL Ulzii - Uchral - 1st prize winner

OYUNTUGULDUR Battur – 2nd prize winner

TAMIR Ulanbat – 3rd prize winner

TAMIR Adiyasuren - 4th prize winner.

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