Education and Training

International Scholarship Program

The Oyu Tolgoi LLC and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science signed in June 2010 the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on collaboration in further development of the Mongolian vocational training and educational area.Under the MoU, the Oyu Tolgoi LLC’s commitment in the higher educational area was the creation of the scholarship programs to support 200 students at Mongolian universities and 30 students in the universities abroad for the five year period from 2010 to 2015.

The Oyu Tolgoi LLC International scholarship program was designed to assist 30 Mongolian nationals in obtaining Master’s degrees in fields related to the mining industry from highly competitive western universities. Our scholarship holders received a full scholarship including tuition and dormitory payment, stipend and health insurance, allowances for books and study materials and international travel, and the possibility to have an internship at the company and the priority in the application for the Graduate development program.

According today’s statistics, 15 students have already successfully accomplished their studies, and 5 of those graduates become Oyu Tolgoi employees. The last cohort 2016 of the Oyu Tolgoi LLC International scholarship holders shall return back in summer 2018.

The University of British Columbia (Canada) hosted our eighteen students, the Curtin University (Australia)- three students, and the universities in the United States and Canada- another nine students.

From 30 scholarship holders, 22 students are engineers in mining and related fields, 3- geologists, 2- in public health and industrial hygiene, 2- in IT and 1- in Business economics.