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Oyu Tolgoi marks three years of TVET programme at graduation ceremony

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia,

Oyu Tolgoi today hosted the third annual graduation ceremony for Mongolian teachers and trainers enrolled in the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) programme, taking the total count of teachers enrolled in the programme to approximately 1,100.

The programme forms part of Oyu Tolgoi’s focus on real-world skills and education, and trains the teachers of Mongolia’s vocational training centres. The ceremony, attended by Vice Minister for Labour Batkhuyag and Oyu Tolgoi President and CEO Andrew Woodley, felicitated newly graduated TVET teachers.

Addressing the new graduates, Vice Minister Batkhuyag said: “I would like to stress the significant contribution that Oyu Tolgoi is making in order to advance technical and vocational training sector in Mongolia.”

Speaking at the ceremony, Oyu Tolgoi President and CEO Andrew Woodley, said: “We firmly believe that for development to be truly sustainable, people and communities must grow with it – acquiring the skills and knowledge needed to flourish in the new economy. This is enshrined in our vision – ‘natural wealth to enduring value, knowledge and skill’, and the TVET programme is a great live example of this effort.

“We are proud to support the teachers who are shaping Mongolia’s youth, and helping the nation fulfil its true potential.”

The programme aims to help the teachers to acquire Australian Certificate IV professional qualifications and build capacity through competence-based training. Over the last four years, 92 managers of vocational training centres enrolled in the Diploma of Training Design and Development programme, and a further 306 teachers received Australian Certificate IV qualifications. These trainer-teachers returned to pass on their training to other teachers during the 2013-2014 academic year. As a result, about 1,100 teachers from all over the country have become eligible for the certificate. In addition to this, 90 vocational teachers and 30 senior managers and Ministry officials have also participated in study tours, visiting Australian vocational schools and studying best practices.

Education and training are major areas of focus for Oyu Tolgoi, supporting the creation of a national workforce that is skilled to global standards. Over the past five years, Oyu Tolgoi has spent US$87 million in education and training programmes in Mongolia.

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