Press release

Prime Minister of Mongolia J.Erdenebat visits Oyu Tolgoi

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia,

Prime Minister J.Erdenebat, Mining Minister Ts.Dashdorj, Minister of Energy P.Gankhuu, Minister of Road and Transportation D.Ganbat, Members of Parliament L.Enkhbat, N.Amarzaya, N.Tserenbat and the government delegation toured Oyu Tolgoi today. It was a great honor for our workforce and the business to showcase our operation and the progress being made on underground development.

About Oyu Tolgoi LLC (

Oyu Tolgoi LLC, Mongolia's largest copper and gold mining company, is a strategic partnership between the Government of Mongolia, Turquoise Hill Resources and Rio Tinto. Located in the South Gobi, Oyu Tolgoi commenced shipment of product to customers in July 2013. Oyu Tolgoi is managed by Rio Tinto, which is investing global expertise and cutting-edge technology to help develop Mongolia’s mining industry and ensure Oyu Tolgoi is one of the world’s most advanced mines. For Oyu Tolgoi, nothing matters more than safety. The business operates under the principle that if a job cannot be done safely, it will not be done at all.

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