Supervisor Underground Mine Rescue (1)

Open date: 2017-10-27
Close date: 2017-11-17 17:30
Department: Health Safety Environment Security and Communities
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Oyu Tolgoi’s workforce today is more than 93 per cent Mongolian, and major strategic focus for the company is to develop a skilled workforce that is continuously learning. We aim to attract the best talent, so that we can together deliver a safe and globally competitive copper business that contributes to the prosperity of Mongolia.

The opportunity

We are looking for one (1) Supervisor Underground Mine Rescue in our Health Safety & Environment department based at Oyu Tolgoi mine with roster of 14 days on and 7 days off.

The purpose of this role is to ensure professional underground emergency preparedness and response to all emergency incidents by providing effective and efficient firefighting and technical rescue services at the Oyu Tolgoi project The purpose is to prevent and minimize losses to life; injury or property by responding timeously with competent individuals equipped with modern fire and rescue equipment and trained to Internationally recognized standards and skill levels. This will be achieved by supporting the Superintendent Underground Mines Rescue and the Specialist Underground Mines Rescue.

What the role entails

  1. Incident command Functions - 5%
    • To be responsible for the acting in the Mine Rescue Coordinators role in the absence of the MR Superintendent or the MR Officer, filling the ICT response function.
    • Assisting the Supervisor in Developing and promoting a culture of continuous improvement in Emergency Response strategies, systems and practices to optimize effectiveness.
    • Assist with the Evaluation, develop and improve emergency response plans for critical hazards and risks site wide.
    • Review and understand mine emergency plans and Incident Command
  2. U/G Operational duties - 15%
    • Provide a leadership role in the Rescue station this sits at the level above the mine rescue team captains to ensure operational functionality at the Station level for each shift.
    • Performing other such duties as required and instructed, including special projects
    • Performing fire-fighting tasks (e.g., hoseline operations, extensive crawling, lifting and carrying heavy objects, ventilating roofs or walls using power or hand tools, forcible entry, etc.), rescue operations, and other emergency response actions under stressful conditions while wearing personal protective ensembles and CCBA, including working in extremely hot or cold environments for prolonged time periods
  3. Supervision and tasking of Mines Rescue Teams and Volunteers - 20
    • During Shift rotations and rosters (including weekends) in the absence of the MR Superintendent or the MR Officer be responsible for fulfilling the ICT leadership response function requirements Mine Rescue Coordinators role.
    • Act in the ICT leadership response function of the Fresh Air Base Entry controller, being responsible for all entries and exits of MRT’s from the risk area.
    • Plan, Schedule, conduct and lead mine rescue teams during practical training and scenarios.
  4. Training - 30%
    • Be the Lead facilitator and Instructor for the delivery of MR training packages in accordance with established training schedules in the areas of Underground Mine Rescue and Emergency Response.
    • Primarily be responsible for the training of rescue personnel, whilst further enhancing systems and procedures
    • Assisting with the training and development of Control Room Operators (dispatch personnel) with regards to MRT callouts and emergency scenarios.
    • To ensure that the level of competency of the team members is able to provide a real time emergency rescue capabilities. Respond to any Emergency in a timely manner.
    • Prepare emergency response training packages and drive their implementation
  5. Maintenance of Equipment - 10%
    • Maintain all maintenance records, response statistics and equipment registers.
    • Assist with the Review, develop, and improve Emergency Response procedures ensuring all equipment inspections are completed within specified timeframes
    • Conducting shift pre-start checks on all equipment and vehicles to ensure that are free from defects and fit for work

What you will need for this role

  • A Tertiary Qualification in Emergency Management; Disaster Management; Fire Risk Management; Law; Legislation; Health; Safety; Environment would be an advantage.
  • Underground mine rescue certified, mine rescue technician certified. (Desirable)
  • Minimum five (5) years’ experience in relevant field
  • Previous Police, Emergency Response, or military work experience (Desirable)
  • Trained in underground mine rescue techniques.
  • Previous underground mining experience (Preferred)
  • Knowledge of the mining sector including the ability to communicate about the various geology, engineering, construction development, safety, health and environmental aspects of mining
  • Fire & Rescue management course is highly desirable
  • Advanced first Aid and Mine rescue technician certification,
  • Valid Light Vehicle License with no suspensions (Essential); Heavy Vehicle License is an advantage
  • Excellent leadership and organizational skills to manage, motivate and develop personnel and to facilitate cooperation between departments.
  • Knowledge of the mining sector including the ability to communicate about the various geology, engineering, construction development, safety, health and environmental aspects of mining
  • Strong analytical and critical thinking skills
  • Strong negotiation, influencing and interpersonal skills
  • A record of working collaboratively across an organization
  • Well-developed communication and presentation skills – both verbal and written
  • Needs excellent understanding and grasp of related field standards, concepts, and procedures.

What you will need for this role

All interested candidates should submit the following documents:

Please click HERE to go to Oyu Tolgoi LLC Online Application System

Please make sure to attach the following documents:

  • CV (in English and Mongolian)
  • Cover Letter (in English and Mongolian)

If you have any enquiries, please contact the following addresses:

Monnis Tower, 1st Floor
Chinggis Avenue 15, Sukhbaatar District
Ulaanbaatar - 14240, Mongolia

Tel: + (976) - 7010-3604

All potential candidates must be medically cleared.
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted and asked to submit additional documents

For successful candidates, please be advised that information submitted and collected during the recruitment process may be used or required by other HR functions such as Training and HR Services.

Employees of the Oyu Tolgoi LLC and subcontract companies currently working at Oyu Tolgoi mine must notify their employer of their application prior to progressing to the interview stage.

Oyu Tolgoi LLC ensures fair and transparent recruitment practices where all applicants are provided with equal opportunities and the decision on recruitment is made by committee members without any involvement of mediating individuals.