Education and Training

TVET School Builds and Upgrades

Oyu Tolgoi has made a significant commitment to invest MNT168 billion in the Mongolian vocational education sector in the following three areas:

  • Establishing world class Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) centres.
  • Investing in improvements to existing TVET centres.
  • Supporting efforts by the Government of Mongolia to reform and develop a world class vocational education system.

Under the programme, three new TVET centres will be built and four existing TVET centres will be upgraded and renovated.

Infrastructure projects

  1. The Technical training centre in Khanbogd soum, Umnugobi aimag was opened on 24 May 2012, and was built with financing of MNT3.6 billion. The centre is fully equipped with training and practice rooms. Oyu Tolgoi plans to provide short and long-term training courses in subjects needed for the development of a skilled workforce in the region. These include English language, computer literacy, and management courses. In addition, the centre will offer 20-24-week training courses in mechanical engineering and welding.

  2. An extension and construction of a dormitory at the Polytechnic College of Darkhan-Uul aimag was opened on 2 December 2012. Oyu Tolgoi financed the extension of facilities with MNT3.8 billion. The extension caters to up to 240 students with four fully furnished training rooms, a library, and computer room. The dormitory has 108 beds. The improvements have significantly expanded the school’s capacity and have allowed four additional trades courses to be offered.

  3. An extension and construction of a dormitory building at the Polytechnic College of Gobi-Sumber aimag was opened on 22 November 2013. With an investment of MNT3.8 billion, the college was upgraded allowing an expansion of its capacity to 950 students. A new site was acquired for the dormitory which provides housing for 250 students and 30 instructors. In addition, a new Sports and Culture Hall was constructed which is suitable for all types of sports and cultural events and training.

  4. The Technological School of Excellence in Nalaikh district, Ulaanbaatar was completed on 5 February 2014. Oyu Tolgoi financed construction of a training facility and dormitory accommodation for 400-600 students along with an electricity sub-station. The new facility was formally transferred to the Mongolian-German Technology School by Government of Mongolia resolution on 4 May 2014.

  5. The TVET centre in Dalanzadgad, Umnugovi aimag was extended, including construction of a dormitory . Oyu Tolgoi completed upgrades and extensions to the school and has formally transferred them for use. The new extension comprises four fully-equipped laboratories and training facilities for electrical, mechanic and welding training. A 150-bed dormitory was also built.

  6. A new Mining School of Excellence in Dalanzadgad, Umnugovi aimag had the first stage of a school building financed with US$5.5 million. This was the result of an agreement in accordance with a joint resolution of the Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Labour on 10 October 2013 to establish a school of excellence for mining training and research.

Provision of training equipment to TVET schools

As part of our investment in vocational education and training, Oyu Tolgoi has provided training equipment for mining and engineering worth MNT3.2 billion to a total of 27 TVET schools across the country. Our employees installed equipment at each TVET school and provided training for its use. Comprehensive training centres were also established in some schools.