Education and Training

Vocational Education and Training Projects

As part of our vocational education programme, Oyu Tolgoi is investing in the future of our Mongolian workforce. One of the projects which makes up the programme involves working with educational organisations and vocational training centres to improve and develop their training curriculum.

1. Oyu Tolgoi’s apprentice training
We take a two-part approach to developing a qualified workforce:

  • A short-term policy to train the specialists needed now
  • A long-term policy to build capacity in the education sector and support efforts to ensure the sustainability of the Mongolian vocational education sector

We have taken this approach since 2010. Currently, 228 young Mongolians are enrolled in the Apprentice Training Programme, studying and learning skills at our Technical Training Centre under the auspice of Holmesglen TAFE. The Apprentice Training Programme aims to train a professional and qualified workforce for Oyu Tolgoi. The students involved are learning professional skills and meeting internationally recognised standards.

2. Training of teachers
As part of our Vocational training programme, we are training the teachers of Mongolia’s vocational training centres. The aim is to help the teachers to acquire Australian Certificate IV professional qualifications and build their capacity through competence-based training. This project is implemented by the Australian ETAS Group which has been meeting the needs of its clients in Australia and other countries since 1994.

During the last three years, 60 managers of vocational training centres have been enrolled in training and a further 210 teachers have received Australian Certificate IV qualifications. These trainer-teachers returned to their schools to pass on their training to other teachers during the 2013-2014 academic year. As a result, about 820 teachers throughout the country have become eligible for the certificate. Ninety vocational teachers and 30 senior managers and Ministry officials have also participated in study tours, visiting Australian vocational schools and learning best practices.